Eco-system of EU supports

Project Name

Eco-system of EU supports

Project Partners

The Galway Culture Company in partnership with the Northern Western Regional Assembly and Galway City and County Councils.

Role of Galway Culture Company

Project Lead

Strategic Aim

This project falls under our first strategic aim;
Facilitate International and EU Relationships and Funding

Project Description

An Ecosystem of Supports in EU Funding has been established for Arts, Culture, Digital, Creative Entrepreneurship and Urban Innovation, comprising of key agencies and organisations who provide support, development, policy and knowledge in EU Funding.

The Ecosystem of EU Supports allows key agencies and organisations to share learnings, advice, contacts and networks, partnerships, training opportunities and policy updates to further increase the number of applications for EU funding being progressed from Galway.

Currently the Ecosystem is comprised of 22 members including Galway Chamber of Commerce, University of Galway, Atlantic Technological University, Western Development Commission, Galway City and County Councils, CREW, Galway Technology Centre, PorterShed, Galway Roscommon Education Board, Udaras Na Gaelthacta, University of Galway, TG4 and many others.

Projects outcomes-what we expect from this project

The hope is to unlock more funding opportunities for the sector, city, county and region and will act as a way in which new partnerships can be created to better support cultural and creative organisations and individuals working in the sector as well as Urban Innovation initiatives and sustainability.

How is this project funded

This project is funded by Galway Culture Company, which is supported by the Government of Ireland under the National Development Plan through the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.


The Eco-System commenced its operations in October 2022. This project is ongoing.