Key Galway agencies and organisations come together to unlock more EU funding opportunities

Ecosystem of EU Supports for Arts, Culture, Digital, Creative Entrepreneurship and Urban Innovation established

The Galway Culture Company in partnership with the Northern Western Regional Assembly and Galway City and County Councils has established an Ecosystem of Supports in EU Funding for Arts, Culture, Digital, Creative Entrepreneurship and Urban Innovation, comprising of key agencies and organisations who provide support, development, policy and knowledge in EU Funding.


The Ecosystem of EU Supports allows key agencies and organisations to share learnings, advice, contacts and networks, partnerships, training opportunities and policy updates to further increase the number of applications for EU funding being progressed from Galway. The hope is to unlock more funding opportunities for the sector, city. county and region and will act as a way in which new partnerships can be created to better support cultural and creative organisations and individuals working in the sector as well as Urban Innovation initiatives and sustainability.


Currently the Ecosystem is comprised of 22 members including Galway Chamber of Commerce, University of Galway, Atlantic Technological University, Western Development Commission, Galway City and County Councils, CREW, Galway Technology Centre, PorterShed, Galway Roscommon Education Board, Udaras Na Gaelthacta, University of Galway, TG4 and many others.

“The Ecosystem is critical in terms of encouraging inter-agency collaboration on applications for EU funding,” said Brendan McGrath, Chief Executive of Galway City Council and chairman of the Galway Culture Company. “In most cases these applications have to be submitted by an agency or local authority lead, so we are ensuring that we share learnings and advice amongst each other and support knowledge sharing to further increase the number of applications being progressed from Galway, whilst ensuring the right expertise is in place”

David Minton, Director with the Northern Western Regional Assembly stated that “the establishment of such an eco-system is really valuable in terms of sharing networks, knowledge and learning opportunities and. Our role is to enable innovation, and work with like-minded organisations and people to maximise EU based opportunities. All across the EU, places like Galway are taking this ecosystem approach to the cultural and sustainable development of their city.”


“The Ecosystem meets every eight weeks, and we were delighted to host its inaugural meeting in the Chamber in October,” said Kenny Deery, CEO of the Galway Chamber of Commerce. “It really brings us all together to drive forward that collective vision around EU funding. Each of the partners bring their expertise, resources, networks and influence to the development and operation of the ecosystem, many also represent other interest groups and initiatives in the city and wider western region, it’s been hugely rewarding to-date. I can see already that many great relationships are forming and partnerships are building that will ultimately lead to a more integrated approach to EU funding, which is what we need in Galway”


Marilyn Reddan, CE of the Galway Culture Company stated, “In the coming weeks the Galway Culture Company will advertise for an EU Officer to manage and oversee the Ecosystem of EU Supports and our EU projects as well as ensuring a strong presence and participation at all of our EU networks. We hope to unlock many funding opportunities with and for our sector as well as for our City, County and Region. We envisage that as it grows we will have many pillars within the Eco-System, each of which will focus on a key area of development and expertise”