Urban Innovation Fund

Project Name

Urban Innovation Fund

Project Partners

Galway City Council, in partnership with Northern and Western Regional Assembly, Galway Culture Company and Galway Chamber of Commerce, Atlantic Technical University, University of Galway, and facilitated by Bable Smart Cities

Role of Galway Culture Company


Strategic Aim

This project falls under our first strategic aim;

Facilitate EU and International Relationships and Funding

Project Description

Through the EUI-IA, urban authorities have the possibility to test how new and unproven solutions work in practice and how they respond to the complexity of real life. The aim is to provide all citizens with access to goods that are circular and less carbon-intensive, that support the regeneration of nature and protect biodiversity.  

The programme focuses on the New European Bauhaus Initiative (NEB) from the European Commission. The New European Bauhaus is a creative and interdisciplinary initiative that connects the European Green Deal to our living spaces and experiences.  

The initiative calls on everyone to imagine and build together a sustainable and inclusive future that is beautiful for our eyes, minds, and souls. It looks at projects, places, practices, and experiences that are: 

  • Beautiful: aesthetically pleasing, but also inspired by art and culture, responding to needs and improving quality of experience beyond functionality.  
  • Sustainable, in harmony with nature, the environment, and our planet. 

Inclusive, encouraging a dialogue across cultures, disciplines, genders and ages. It will fund projects to deliver tangible, real-life examples of NEB interventions that fully integrate the three NEB core values of sustainability, inclusiveness, and aesthetics to a maximum level of ambition according to the framework proposed in the NEB Compass.  

More about the call can be found here.

Project Outcomes – what we expect from this project

We were delighted to facilitate the preparation of a bid for the European Urban Initiative’s first call for proposals aimed at supporting cities to implement innovative pilot actions to support sustainable urban development.  

The main objective was to provide urban authorities with space and resources to identify and experiment (via pilot projects) new innovative answers to the interconnected and complex local challenges related to sustainable urban development.  

How this project is funded

Galway City Council with administrative support from Galway Culture Company and the Galway Chamber.


This project has concluded.

Read more about the project here.