Mystery 40 Attiko School of Ancient Greek Drama

Mystery 40 is the 11th edition of the Attiko International Summer School of Ancient Greek Drama.

The Attiko School of Ancient Greek Drama is a ten day intensive program that explores Ancient Greek Drama from an interdisciplinary perspective. An initiative of actress and theatre director Martha Frintzila and music composer and set designer Vassilis Mantzoukis, the program brings together high caliber artists and teachers from Greece and abroad to engage participants in a unique, immersive exploration of Greek tragedy and related art forms.

The Attiko School of Ancient Greek Drama, in collaboration with 2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture, invites you to take part in a thrilling debate that has been going on for 25 centuries. Taking place from July 5th to 15th in the city of Elefsina for the 11th year, this year’s summer school is part of the 2023 Elefsis European Capital of Culture programme.

With a special emphasis on the present and future of theatre in Europe and the world, this year the program will be exploring its profound impact on shaping societies and its role in the face of global developments.

You can find more information on the Attiko School, the instructors and events by clicking here.

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The application deadline is June 25, 2023. The total tuition fee is €800.

For any further queries, please contact or ring 6907183406 between the hours of 18:00 and 22:00.