Mobility support – passport programme – EU Japan Fest


The European Capital of Culture has grown into a global celebration of culture and the arts welcoming artists from over 100 countries around the world. To encourage further interaction between artists, artistic and cultural organizations in Japan and the European Capital of Culture, EU-Japan Fest has launched the “Passport Program”, a mobility support program for wider people related to art and culture.


Through this program, we hope that artists and cultural stakeholders from a variety of genres will visit and interact with Japan and European Capitals of Culture (ECoC), and create sustainable networks and programs for the future.

Who can apply?

Local resident artist and cultural stakeholders in Japan and European Capital of Culture (any nationality)

Travel Purpose

Research festivals and programs held in the ECoC of the year (*)
Research festivals and programs held in Japan
Networking with local artists and cultural stakeholders, and other

*List of host cities of European Capital of Culture:

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