Dear PrEUdence: An invitation to a positive headspace in the EU


Exhibition at European Parliament to coincide with World Mental Health Day, a globally recognised day dedicated to raising awareness of mental health and advocating for better mental health care. 

This is a call for submissions for an Exhibition on the theme of mental health, to be held within a public space at the European Parliament Brussels from October 10-13th 2023. The official exhibition launch will take place on Tuesday October 10th to coincide with World Mental Health Day, a globally recognised day dedicated to raising awareness of mental health and advocating for better mental health care. The exhibition aims to foster fresh dialogue and understanding of mental health issues, to explore the transformative power of positive mental health, community and kindness, and the opportunity to open up and experience life to its fullest.

Maria Walsh MEP, ATU Galway and Galway Culture Company with the support of the European Parliament in Brussels are providing graduates from the School of Design & Creative Arts, ATU Galway City (Wellpark) with an opportunity to showcase their work and positively contribute to the conversation surrounding mental health. By exhibiting the artwork within the public space of the European Parliament, the organisers are strategically placing the exhibition in a location where policymakers, lawmakers, and the general public can engage with the artwork and participate in meaningful discussions about mental health. This approach can help foster dialogue, understanding, and awareness of mental health issues.

Exhibition Brief  

At a time when the world is navigating various challenges, we want to create a space that celebrates the power of the human spirit and the strength found within supportive communities. This exhibition seeks to foster a dialogue about positive mental health, encouraging conversations that promote understanding, empathy, and kindness towards ourselves and others.

Our theme also echoes the sentiments expressed by the Beatles in their classic song ‘Dear Prudence’ where the lyrics are simple and innocent, praising the beauty of nature, encouraging the songs subject to ‘come out and play’.  Prudence, who was isolating herself during a meditation course, is gently invited to open up and experience the world. Similarly, in the context of mental health, a supportive community and environment that encourages individuals to seek help, share their struggles, and engage with others can be beneficial.

In the spirt of this invitation our exhibition aims to explore the concept of art making as an act of kindness. Acts of kindness can offer a powerful form of social resistance. While resistance traditionally involves challenging and protesting against unjust systems or oppressive practices, acts of kindness subvert these systems by promoting empathy, compassion, and unity. By highlighting the power of art to create positive change, we seek to celebrate the power of community kindness and collectivity as a means to support those struggling with mental health issues. Through creative acts, we seek to give visibility to mental health issues and emphasis the importance of recognising it as a human right.


Artists of all backgrounds and disciplines are invited to submit their work in any medium, however it is important to note that the space is a very busy open space with limited capacity to present large scale digital video and installation works. We encourage you to submit work that explores the intersection of personal experiences, emotions, and the broader theme of mental well-being, as well as the power of community support in overcoming adversity.

Submissions should reflect one or more of the following key aspects:

  • Positive Mental Health: Artwork that conveys hope, resilience, and the potential for personal growth. It can explore the journey of mental health recovery, coping strategies, or the power of self-care and mindfulness.
  • Community and Kindness: Artwork that reflects the importance of supportive communities and highlights acts of kindness, compassion, and solidarity. It can depict moments of connection, mutual support, and the beauty of diverse perspectives coming together.
  • Opportunity to Open-up and Experience: Artwork that encourages viewers to reflect, engage, and open themselves up to new experiences. It can inspire introspection, challenge societal stigmas, and promote a sense of inclusivity and belonging.            All graduates, including new 2023 graduates, of the School of Design & Creative Arts, ATU Galway City (Wellpark), both established and emerging artists, are invited to submit their work for consideration.

To submit your work, please email  with the following information:

  • Artist CV and contact details, and image/copy of valid passport
  • Artist Statement
  • An accompanying list of the images submitted on a separate word document, clearly marked with the title of the work, the medium and dimensions.
  • Images of the artwork (JPEG format preferred): Up to six digital images of your work for consideration, no larger than 2mb each in size.(Files must be named in the following format: Artist Name, Artwork name or Artist Name, Image list
  • Artwork Description: A short explanation of the work(s), relating it to the subject theme(s)(Max 200 words)
  • Please include relevant installation instructions.

Deadline and Artist Fees

The submission deadline is 15th June 2023. Selected artists will be notified by 19th June. If you would like a invite to the online Teams info session 11am June 7th please reply to with the words Info session in the subject bar by 5pm June 6th. Please note that due to space constraints, not all submissions may be accepted. All submissions will be assessed, and the selection panel decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. Each successful Artist will be paid a fee of €400 in recognition of the loan of their work for the duration of exhibition. Note that valid identification is required (i.e. passport) if artists are selected to travel to the exhibition.

Key Dates

  • 2nd June Issue Open Call to Graduates
  • 7th June 11am – Online (Teams) information meeting
  • 15th June – Deadline for submission
  • 19th June – Successful applications will be notified
  • 28th September – Delivery of work to ATU Galway City (Wellpark) by artists
  • 6th October – Delivery of work to EU Parliament
  • 9th October – Hanging/installation of work
  • 10th October – Official Exhibition Launch
  • 10-13th October – Exhibition open
  • 13th October – Afternoon – Removal of work
  • 18th October – Return of work to ATU Galway City (Wellpark)
  • 20th October – Collection of work by artists

Selection Panel

Blaise Drummond, Louise Manifold, Seamus Mc Guinness

School of Design & Creative Arts, Atlantic Technological University