Culture Moves Europe – Call for Individual Mobility

Culture Moves Europe

Culture Moves Europe’s second call for individual mobility targets artists and cultural professionals working in the following sectors: music, literature, architecture, cultural heritage, design and fashion design, visual arts, and performing arts.

Culture Moves Europe’s Individual Mobility Call supports artists and cultural professionals to carry out a project with a partner of their choice in another Creative Europe country. The call is open to individuals and groups of up to 5 people, who wish to implement projects lasting between 7 to 60 days for individuals and 7 to 21 days for the groups. The grant contributes to travel and subsistence costs, and offers additional top-ups based on grantees’ individual situation.

The Culture Moves Europe Call for Individual Mobilities opened on 2nd October 2023. The Call has rolling monthly deadlines from 2nd October 2023 to 31st May 2024.

The Culture Moves Europe team will host weekly Friday webinars where potential applicants can find out more about the call. You can register here for the first Culture Moves Europe Webinar on Friday 6th October at 10am Irish time (11am CET).

For full details you can download the 2023 – 2024 Culture Moves Europe call document here.

There is also a very useful Culture Moves Europe Q&A web page that answers the most commonly asked questions about this call.

The Culture Moves Europe team is available to answer questions via or you can contact CEDI Culture Office if you have some general queries on this call.

What projects are supported?

Artists and cultural professionals can apply with a proposal to carry out a project with a partner of their choice in a Creative Europe country which is not their country of residence. The project should pursue two of the following goals:

  • Explore: to conduct creative and artistic research, to investigate, inspire and work on a specific theme or a new concept
  • Create: to engage in a creative process seeking to produce a new piece of artistic/cultural work
  • Learn: to enhance the participants’ competences and skills through non-formal learning or collaboration with a specialist
  • Connect: to develop a professional network, to strengthen the participants’ professional development, to engage with new audiences.
  • The partner can be, for example, a fellow artist, an organisation or a venue in the country of destination. Applicants must provide proof of collaboration in the application process.

It’s possible to apply either as an individual or as a group of up to five people. The projects can last:

  • from 7 to 60 days for individuals
  • from 7 to 21 days for groups
  • The project duration corresponds to the number of days spent in the destination country to implement the project. The travel time is not taken into account for the grant calculation.
  • Please note that it is only possible to travel to one single destination and that the mobility cannot be interrupted. For group projects, all group members must be at the place of destination for the whole period project implementation.

What does the CME Grant Offer?

  • The grant is composed of a travel allowance, a daily allowance and individual top-ups. The grant calculations are made specifically for each grantee, based on their project and personal situation.
  • Daily allowance: €75 per person per day. It is a contribution to accommodation, food, renting equipment, local transport, etc.
  • Travel allowance: Travel distance under 5000 km: €350 per person for round-trip. Travel distance above 5000 km: €700 per person for round-trip.
  • For short distances of under 600km, travelling by airplane is only allowed in exceptional and well justified cases:
    • for persons with disabilities
    • for travelling from or to an island with no ferry connections
    • due to force majeure or grave personal circumstances
  • Top-ups:
    • Green top-up: €350 per person for choosing not to travel by airplane (round-trip). Only applicable for distances of 600 km and more.
    • Overseas Countries and Territories or Outermost Regions top-up: €150 per person for travelling from or to Overseas Countries and Territories or Outermost Regions.
    • Visa top-up:€80 per person for expenses related to visa processes.
    • Family top-up: €100 per person for persons with children below the age of 10. The amount is fixed, regardless of the number of children.
    • Disability support: Up to 100% of travel and daily allowance per person. For people whose disabilities affect their ability to carry out the mobility project. Budget to be agreed with the Culture Moves Europe team according to individual needs.

How do I apply?

The application process is simple and straightforward, however, before you apply, please read attentively the call document. There, will find all necessary information.

As the Goethe-Institut is the institution implementing Culture Moves Europe, applications are processed through the Goethe-Application Portal.

In order to apply please follow these steps:

  • Create an account
  • Register as an “individual” (even if you are a group)
  • Select “Culture Moves Europe funding”
  • Select “Call for Individual Mobility”
  • Fill out the form. You can save and edit the form until the final submission.

For full details of the call, eligibility, funding amounts and how to apply please refer to the official Culture Moves Europe website.

All details and rules are in the 2023 – 2024 Culture Moves Europe call document.

The Culture Moves Europe team is available to answer questions by email at

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