Culture Moves Europe: Third Call for Residency Hosts

The third call for residency hosts provides financial support to organisations and artists registered as legal entities working in the sectors of music, literature, architecture, cultural heritage, design and fashion design, visual arts, and performing arts. Legal entities can be non-profit organisations, non-governmental organisations, public bodies, foundations, companies, or self-employed persons etc..

Deadline: 15 May 2024

About the call

The residency action supports legal entities that are registered and based in one of the 40 Creative Europe countries. It supports them to welcome up to 5 international artists and cultural professionals for a residency project lasting between 22 and 180 days.

The participants must be at least 18 years old and legal residents of other Creative Europe countries. The grant contributes to the costs of inviting and hosting international artists and cultural professionals.

What projects are supported

The residency project should pursue two of the following objectives:

To explore

To conduct research, to investigate and work on a specific theme or a new concept.

To create

To engage in a collective creative process seeking to produce a new piece of artistic/cultural work.

To learn

To enhance the participants’ competences and skills through non-formal learning or collaboration with a specialist.

To connect

To develop a professional network, to strengthen the participants’ professional development, to engage with new audiences.

To transform

To contribute to societal change in line with the New European Bauhaus values and principles.

You must select one of the following options in your application:

  • short-term residency project: between 22 and 60 days
  • medium-term residency project: between 61 and 120 days
  • long-term residency project: between 121 and 180 days

The project duration corresponds to the number of days spent at the host’s location to implement the project. The travel time is not taken into account for the grant calculation.

It is possible to welcome between one and five international artists and cultural professionals. All participants must take part in the residency project for the whole project implementation period.

Applicants should send a proposal that details the duration, objectives, and expected impact of their residency project. They are required to provide a suitable and safe environment, equipment, and a professional mentor for the invited artists. This ensures that the participants have good conditions to implement their projects.

What the grant offers

The residency grant is compiled of two parts:

  • the hosting allowance, which is allocated to the host
  • daily allowancestravel allowances and top-ups, which are allocated to each participant based on individual travel plans and needs

The grant calculations are made specifically for each beneficiary, based on their project and participants’ personal situation. The entire residency grant is transferred to the residency host, who is responsible for distributing the corresponding amounts to each participant.

Allowance allocated to the host

Hosting allowance

€35 per participant, per day. It is a contribution to expenses related to the implementation of the residency project, such as accommodation for the participants, mentor fees, renting equipment, etc..

Allowances allocated to each participant

Daily allowance

€25 per person per day. It is a contribution to food, local transport, etc.

Travel allowance

Travel distance under 5,000 km: €350 per person for round-trip.

Travel distance from 5,000 km: €700 per person for round-trip.

For short distances of under 600 km, travelling by airplane is only allowed in exceptional and well justified cases:

  • for persons with disabilities
  • for travelling from or to an island with no ferry connections
  • due to force majeure or grave personal circumstances

The distance between the participant’s place of residence and the host’s location is calculated automatically in the online application process. Check the distance calculator for more information.


Green top-up

€350 per person for choosing not to travel by airplane (round-trip). Only applicable for distances of 600 km and more.

Overseas Countries and Territories or Outermost Regions top-up

€150 per person for travelling from or to Overseas Countries and Territories or Outermost Regions.

Visa top-up

€80 per person for expenses related to visa processes.

Family top-up

€100 per person for persons with children below the age of 10. The amount is fixed, regardless of the number of children.

Disability support

Up to €75 per person per day. For people whose disabilities affect their ability to carry out the mobility project. Budget to be agreed with the Culture Moves Europe team according to individual needs.

The top-ups can be added cumulatively: one person can receive several top-ups at the same time. Justification and proof for the required top-ups will be asked.

Selection criteria

The application will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Does the host provide appropriate premisses and services to participants, e. g. safe housing and work environment, relevant equipment?
  • Is the selection process of the participating artists and cultural professionals well explained and justified?
  • Does the host provide mentorship and a collaborative environment to the participants?
  • Is the residency project relevant to the applicants’ work and activities, as well as to Culture Moves Europe’s objectives?
  • Does the residency project have long-term impact and benefits?
  • Does the project take sustainability and the environment into consideration?

Timeline and application process

Culture Moves Europe’s residency action is opening three calls between October 2022 and May 2025.

First call: from 15 March 2022 to 15 June 2023

Second call: from 16 October 2023 to 16 January 2024

Third call: 15 March 2024 to 15 May 2024

The application process in Culture Moves Europe’s residency action consists of two phases.

Phase 1

The focus is on the application and selection of residency hosts.

Phase 2

Successful applicants proceed to this phase, during which they select the artists and cultural professionals who participate in their residency projects.

Afterwards, the precise residency grant is calculated and the grant agreement between the host and the Goethe-Institut is signed.

The residency projects can take place any time after the signature of the grant agreement. The earliest start of the residency project is 15 August 2024 and they must be finalised (including the final report) at the latest on the 31 May 2025.

Application language

All processes of Culture Moves Europe are carried out in English, including application, contract and residency report. However, language skills are not rated in the project evaluation and applicants are welcome to make use of online translation tools.


Residency hosts can receive several grants under the Culture Moves Europe residency action, as long as it is for different projects with different participating artists and cultural professionals. However, applications are limited to one per call period.


Within 30 days after the end of the residency, hosts must submit the residency report via a straightforward online form.

In the report beneficiaries must summarise the outcomes and provide some insights about the implementation of their project.

Beneficiaries must include documents that prove that the residency has taken place.

Examples of such proof are: transportation tickets, visa requests, participant agreements between the host and participating A&CPs, facility rental contract, expert fees, etc.

How to apply

Before you apply, please read attentively the call document. There, you will find all necessary supporting information.

As the Goethe-Institut is the institution implementing Culture Moves Europe, applications are processed through the Goethe-Application Portal.

In order to apply please follow these steps:

  • Create an account
  • Register as a “company/enterprise”
  • Select “Culture Moves Europe funding”
  • Select “Call for Residency Hosts”
  • Fill out the form. You can save and edit the form until the final submission

Apply here