CREATHRIV-EU nominations open for innovative cross-fertilisation prizes

Cross-fertilisation prizes, Europe rewards the ideas and experiences of SMEs capable of combining innovation, technology and creativity within the project CREATHRIV-EU coordinated by Basilicata Creativa

Nominations are open from 21st of February

Small and medium-sized companies in the cultural and creative sectors within the EU or associated countries can compete for awards ranging from €3,000 to €13,000 for innovative cross-fertilisation practices, with additional €7,000 prizes for achievements in green and women’s innovation.

The CREATHRIV-EU project celebrates the innovative cross-fertilization practices of SMEs across Europe, merging creativity and technology across various sectors to inspire new ideas and product development.

Basilicata Creativa works to promote entrepreneurial realities that have the courage to practice the so-called cross-fertilisation, the ability to share experiences and knowledge with companies from different sectors looking for innovative ideas and practices. By creating synergies between creativity and technological knowledge within different industrial sectors that are only apparently distant from each other, companies therefore open up to new ways of thinking at the basis of new ideas that will lead to new products. To reward these ambitious innovation experiences, the CREATHRIV-EU project, financed by the Single Market Program of the European Union to support the Creative and Cultural Industries, opened 21 February, the deadline for submitting nominations for the award for the best experiences of cross-fertilisation.

The project selection process will be divided into two phases. In the first phase, 15 finalist companies will be selected from all the candidates. In the second phase, the selected companies will be invited to present their projects in Belgium, in front of a jury of experts, in a final event during which the winners will be announced. The prizes awarded to the five winning companies will vary from €13,000 to €3,000. In addition to the ordinary prizes, further prizes will be awarded to the two companies that have achieved a particularly significant experience in the field of green innovation or that have seen the active involvement of women innovators (women innovation award). In both cases the winning companies will receive a prize of €7,000. All companies selected for the final of the cross-fertilization awards will also receive a €500 voucher as a contribution towards the costs of participating in the event.

The enterprises eligible to apply in the selections of the prize must be SMEs in the cultural and creative sectors that are based in the EU or in one of the countries associated with the Single Market Programmme.

To submit your application you must complete the form:

The deadline for the tender is set for April 22, 2024, 5:00 pm.

CREATHRIV-EU is coordinated by Basilicata Creativa and involves important European partners such as Innoskart, Corallia, TWIST and Baltic Film and Creative Tech Cluster.

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