Ealaín na Gaeltachta and Galway Culture Company announce strategic partnership

The Galway Culture Company is delighted to partner with Ealaín na Gaeltachta in the development of stronger cultural links and projects. Building on 25+ years of work by the organisation in this area, we also aim to expand links with our Celtic neighbours and develop stronger EU connections.

Our strategic partnership will include support for a series of projects of strategic importance, namely:

  • Support for new festivals and additional support to existing Irish-language arts festivals in the Gaeltacht regions of Galway, Mayo & Meath.
  • Support to bring the exhibition Erf Skip from Friesland to the Aran islands, bringing together artists from several genres and culture makers working with wool and connecting with Friesland and our Celtic neighbours in Wales. The funding will also support developing further connections and projects for the future.
  • Support to survey and develop further initiatives with EU and UK partners.
  • Support to the concert tour of Dúchas & Dóchas, a beautifully arranged, bilingual songline celebrating a 350 year journey through the hidden Irish language song tradition of County Clare and North Munster from the last of the great bards to present day composers. Dúchas agus Dóchas began with Diarmuid de Faoite’s efforts to rediscover the hidden song tradition in Clare. 150 songs later it has been embraced and nurtured by some of Clare’s finest musicians and singers with invited Gaeltacht artists into an aural feast of song, music and story, a testament to the rich well of culture that exists in Ireland and an inspirational invitation to communities nationwide to rediscover, revive and reimagine their own musical heritage. With one eye to the past and a pair to the future, Dúchas agus Dóchas lights a bright path forward, steeped in tradition. 

For more information, please contact us by email ealain@udaras.ie