Brendan McGrath

Brendan McGrath

Chairperson, Galway Culture Company

Company profile

The Galway Culture Company’s Chairperson plays a pivotal role in steering the organisation’s cultural initiatives. As the leader of the board, they guide strategic decision-making, foster collaborative relationships, and uphold the company’s commitment to promoting and preserving Galway’s rich cultural heritage. The Chairperson provides visionary leadership, ensuring the alignment of organisational goals with cultural values. They oversee governance, support fundraising efforts, and represent the company in key forums. With a passion for Galway’s cultural diversity, the Chairperson embodies the spirit of the organisation, driving its mission to enhance, celebrate, and share the vibrant cultural tapestry of Galway

Personal/Professional Profile

  • MA NUI Maynooth
  • Local Authority Official for 46 years since 1976 having worked previously in Co. Meath (3 occasions), Wexford County Council, Roscommon County Council, Galway County Council & Kildare County Council
  • Kildare County Development Officer & Chief Executive Kildare County Enterprise Board 1993 to 1999
  • Director of Service, Meath County Council & temporary County Manager 1999 – 2013
  • Chief Executive, Galway City Council 2013 – to 2023.
  • Chairperson, Galway Culture Company from November 2023 – to date.

Other board Positions

  • Galway Cultural Activity & Development Company
  • Knock Airport
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