Gaillimh – Our Colors

Project Name

Gaillimh – Our Colors

Project Partners

Galway Culture Company and Unthink

Role of Galway Culture Company


Strategic Aim

This project falls under our third strategic aim;
Provide Supports to the Cultural and Creative Sector

Project Description

Eight stunning colours were created through a residency with Unthink during the creation of the European Capital of Culture brand. The colours were inspired by the stunning landscape of County Galway and Connemara. The colours are Gaillmh, created here, inspired by here and born here.

The colours include Grá, Meirg, Flóra, Fiúise, Farraige, Spéir, Tír and Gaineamh. You can view the colours at

Projects outcomes-what we expect from this project

To provide cultural assets that represent Galway for the public to use.

How is this project funded

This project was funded by Galway Culture Company, which is supported by the Government of Ireland under the National Development Plan through the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.




Click here to find the Gaillimh color codes.